Cargo delivery

How long does it take to send samples?

In order to let you get the samples faster, we all use express (air freight), about 3~7 days.
With: SF (SF Express), DHL, Fedex

What modes of transportation are there for formal customs declaration? How long does it take?

Logistics and air transportation: about 3-5 days, of which the motor belt magnetic needs to be checked for 2 days, which belongs to the fast aging and high unit price.
Logistics by sea: about 7-10 days, no need for magnetic inspection.

Can parts be shipped to designated countries?

Yes, as long as there is a courier place, it can be sent.

Do I need to pay additional magnetic inspection fees or any fees for formal customs declaration?

You don’t need to pay extra, we will take care of it, you just need to wait for the goods to arrive.


Is there abnormal noise in the motor or gearbox?

The sound of the motor mostly comes from the friction sound of the carbon brush and the excitation sound, which is the normal rotation noise of the motor. However, if there is an occasional high-pitched sound, it may indicate that the motor or gearbox is damaged.

Is it abnormal that the motor is hot and the temperature is very high?

Low speed control, long-term operation, etc., often cause internal heat accumulation of the motor, which is a normal phenomenon.

What is the motor rated output?

Or rated torque, rated output is the load weight expected to be driven by the motor when the product is designed.

Can the voltage, speed and torque be changed?

Can be changed, these data can be customized according to the customer’s usage conditions.

What is the function of the reducer (gearbox)?

Reduce speed and increase torque.

Which motors can be dustproof and waterproof? What is the coefficient?

Common miniature DC motors are not waterproof and dustproof, and are generally designed by the customer’s product organization to be waterproof and dustproof. If there are custom requirements for waterproof and dustproof, it can be discussed separately.

The motors of the previous manufacturers have stopped selling them. Can your company assist in production?

This part is no problem, you can provide us with your existing motor related information, and we have a professional engineer development team and factory to serve you.