Solvent cleaning fluoride solution

Vincent Chuang

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INVENTEC PERFORMANCE CHEMICALS, a company of the Dehon group, is a global provider of SOLDERING, CLEANING & COATING materials for Electronic, Semiconductor and Industrial applications.

For almost 60 years, we have shown leadership in innovation by putting Health impact, Sustainability and Reliability at the core of our product development. Our cleaning formulations have been CMR free since 2006 and we launched in 2012 our Greenway project, which measures our new developed products by criteria of environmental and health impact.

High reliability is at the core of Inventec’s product development. As for example in cleaning, Inventec continue to strengthen the good performance of its products for a large variety of solutions: electronic & semicon cleaning, rinsing & drying solvents, degreasing, particles removal, oxides & mineral residues removal, polishing product, polymers & resins removal, oxygen parts cleaning and additive manufacturing.


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