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Company information
YMPT’s Japanese head office, Shin-Ohtsuka, is located in Osaka and was founded in 1969. The factory is located in Thailand and has been producing Shin-Ohtsuka technical cleaning machines since 2001. In 2007, Tongmei and YMPT jointly invested and established Sanmei Precision, which is responsible for the sales of equipment in China and Hong Kong, including installation and maintenance services. Shanmei Precision Cleaning Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly focusing on industrial precision cleaning machines. It has been committed to providing customers with world-class quality cleaning instruments and equipment through professional, meticulous and comprehensive services, and tailor-made systematic cleaning solutions. Program.


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What is a precision ultrasonic cleaner?

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the demand for cleaning related to electronic parts is increasing day by day, and the market demand revolves around two indicators, environmental protection and highly safe cleaning. In various industries, “cleaning” is now the most important issue, and Our equipment just addresses these needs and can create even greater value.

Fluorinated Solvent Systems

Fluorinated solvents have low surface tension and can penetrate into tiny crevices to completely remove particles.
Offers excellent material compatibility, fast drying and small size. The system can also be used as an alternative drying system for alcohol (IPA, ethanol).

Aqueous, semi-aqueous and spot-free drying systems

Clean and rinse parts

  • A variety of cleaning agents are available to suit the material of the cleaning pieces.
  • Remove ions.
  • Non-flammable and environmentally friendly.
  • Removes organic and non-organic contaminants.
    Spot-free dry parts
    *Quick drying system using fluorinated solvents.
    *Dry quickly and won’t rust.
  • The surface tension of the fluorine-containing solvent is low, and it is possible to dry every part of the tiny crevice.
  • Can also remove particles.

Fluorinated Solvent Systems Co-solvent Systems

*Various choices of HC and Glycolether to remove various contaminants.

  • Class 3 (Japanese law) HC is used for cleaning. (Category 2 can also be used)
  • Due to the low surface tension of fluorinated solvents, HC flushing can be performed on every part of the part, including small blind holes and cladding small parts.
  • Don’t waste water.
  • Cost saving system for HC drying. The best system for VOC measures. ​​

Industrial application

Camera module parts

C-MOS/CCD Sensor
IR Glass
Plastic part


Head stack assbly
Disk stack assembly
Base Assembly
Pad insulator
​Printed circuilt

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