Application of stepper motor and optical focus

micro Stepper motor

In cameras or other optical devices, focusing is a very important function, which can affect the clarity and quality of images. In order to achieve precise and fast focusing, it is necessary to use a mechanical device that can control the position and angle of the lens, which is the optical focusing module. In the optical focusing module, the most commonly used driving element is the stepping motor.

The stepping motor can control the moving distance and speed of the lens according to the number and frequency of the pulse signal, so as to achieve precise focusing. The stepper motor also has the advantages of low noise, low power consumption, and high reliability, and is very suitable for optical focusing modules. In addition, stepping motors can also be combined with other sensors or controllers to achieve more advanced functions, such as autofocus, zoom, image stabilization, etc.

Our BYJ structure stepping motor is a specially designed stepping motor, which has the characteristics of high torque, high resolution, and high response, and is very suitable for optical focusing modules. We provide gearboxes with different reduction ratios to meet different needs and occasions. We also provide complete driver solutions and technical support to help you quickly develop and deploy your products.

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