Electric toothbrush

With the advancement of technology, more and more smart tools have been integrated into our lives. The wide application of smart homes has also added a lot of convenience and sense of technology to traditional daily needs. The most common smart product is the electric toothbrush that has changed our personal care habits in recent years. Electric toothbrush or sonic toothbrush, we use a magnetic levitation structure sonic motor to drive the brush head to perform deep cleaning. The motor cleans back and forth at a high frequency of 31,000 times per minute. The cleaning power is strong and it can easily deal with stubborn dirt in the mouth.

Tongmei’s magnetic levitation motors cover diameters of Ø14, Ø16, Ø18, and Ø20. Whether it is an electric toothbrush for children or adults, we have corresponding sizes, and the production quality is stable, the product production consistency is high, and the QA test is precise. The whole series of products can be matched with the toothbrush mechanism to achieve the waterproof level of IPX7. Close cooperation and technology sharing with toothbrush design companies have jointly developed avant-garde products with small size, low noise, and low vibration in the hand. user experience.

In addition, we also have cooperative partners in wireless charging modularization, lithium battery solutions, wireless data transmission, user data collection, and user APP development. They have sufficient experience in functions such as smart overvoltage reminders, custom cleaning modes, and identification of cleanliness. The one-stop integrated solution also minimizes the product design cycle as much as possible.